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in-and-out burger weddingMove over dessert bar (that’s soo 2008)…enter the Wedding Food Truck!

It seems that everything else had gone mobile, so why shouldn’t food follow suit. Food trucks have long been a mainstay in Hollywood and New York City during day-long production shoots and pedestrian-style
downtown dining . And in fact, these mini-restaurants on wheels have gotten a bad rap over the years, most often being dubbed the “roach coach” for their seemingly unsanitary conditions. But it appears that the mobile food truck industry is cleaning up their act and revamping their persona, so much so, they’re blazing new trails into custom event catering.

Everything fron In-n-Out burgers to cupcake sweets, the wedding food truck is popping up at weddings all over the nation. I must admit, it’s a fun way to incorporate some of the unexpected into a “been-there, done-that” ho-hum wedding. What better way to throw your guests for a loop and put a smile on their otherwise yawning faces as they wait for you to finish up your photos during the unbearably long cocktail hour? You can pick any theme you want to coordinate with the flavor of your special event. But I have yet to see how this concept can be incorporated into the upscale wedding. I’m not saying that it can’t be pulled off well, but I haven’t seen evidence as yet. I’m open to ideas though…what do you think?

If you had to choose:

  • ice cream food truck at weddingwedding catering truck
  • photo booth
  • dessert bar
  • cigar bar
  • signature cocktail bar
  • smoothie bar /coffees bar (I guess that falls under food, huh?)

Which would be the most fun for your guests? Leave your comments and suggestions here…

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I was invited to and attended the induction luncheon of a friend of mine who recently became a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. I wasn’t sure the protocol, but given her enthusiasm and excitement throughout the pledging process, I wanted to congratulate her with a small gift. But when I went to the local Greek shop looking for something nice, I was very disappointed because everything seemed so run-of-the-mill and typical. I mean, how many brightly colored tote bags and umbrellas does one need?

Anywho, while I did purchase some of the standard fare (a cute tea mug and keychain), I decided to make her something as well. I figured ‘why not’ since she has everything anyway. What unique gift could I give that all of her new sorors wouldn’t have as well? Here’s what I came up with…

custom stationary for alpha girl

A gift for the lady who has everything.

First, I decided to make custom stationary in the colors of her sorority. I put an ivy leaf on the top and bottom and added crystal embellishments for a bit of bling (my signature touch). I used pink cardstock paper and the print is in green. This will be great when she wants to send a personal note or thank you to one of her sorors.

I also made a sparkly pen figuring that women always love sparkly things (I know I do!). I couldn’t find an ivy leaf specifically but thought the green was a nice touch. Since we’re smack dab in the middle of Christmas season, everything’s green at the craft store, just not ivy:(

And in keeping with the holiday season, I made her a set of AKA Christmas ornaments. You can see from the pics that I had the letters cut in vinyl (at the local greek store: Unique Greek located in Chicago Heights, IL). I actually have the store owner to thank for this idea. I saw a set of Delta ornaments and thought, ‘how clever’ and decided to step it up a notch with my design. So I added the year in rhinestones on the clear glass balls I purchased from Jo-Ann crafts. As you can see from the pictures, once I added the metallic shred to the inside of the ball, the numbers didn’t show up as well so if I ever do this again perhaps I’ll use a white iridescent shred instead. What do you think?

alpha kappa alpha ornament gifts

Before Shimmer Shred

aka gifts holiday ornaments

After Shimmer Shred

Quick Update: I was later asked to make Delta Sigma Theta holiday ornaments for another custom gift, so I made a few tweaks and here’s a pic on how they turned out…

delta sigma theta sorority holiday gift ideas

Using the white shimmer shred turned out much better:)

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