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If you want an insider’s look into hosting a platinum wedding like Kim Kardashian and the Hollywood elite, it all starts with the invitation. Now, you’ve probably been keeping up with Kim and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney, I mean how could you not? They are always in the tabloids, and you know how they like to spice things up.

Kim is a diva after my very  own heart because she always finds stylish ways to turn the ordinary into extraordinary tossing in the bling for good measure.

And if you want some celebrity style flavor in your wedding invitations, here are 5 Hollywood tips to get that star-studded style..,

Tip #1) Use Luxurious Papers & Fabrics

Materials such as flocked or hand-dyed papers and Dupioni silk give your invitations a level of dimension that flat papers just can’t touch. If you find some way to incorporate them, perhaps with a belly band or as an invitation booklet, your invites are sure to have that red-carpet opulence.

Tip #2) Add Layers & Textures

Metallic shimmer papers or letterpress add an extra layer of depth to your invitations that help it stand out and get noticed.

Tip #3) Add Some Sparkle

Incorporating stylish embellishments like Swarovski crystals, glitter embossing, decorative ribbons or even peacock feathers will add to your invitation’s unique personality.

Tip#4) Pay Attention To The Details

With any high end event, the devil is definitely in the details. Things like straight edges and even bordering speak volumes in giving your invitations signature style, so don’t get tired halfway through and neglect this small but important detail.

And lastly Tip #5) Present It In A Pretty Package

My absolute favorite package is the silk invitation box. It just screams luxury and sets the tone for a platinum event. Also, it’s a great way to turn your wedding invitation into a wedding keepsake – no one is going to through this away.

But even if you don’t use a silk invitation box, there a lots of creative ways to present your invite like a silk pouch, a unique container themed to your event, or even encased in acrylic. The possibilities are endless.

When it comes to celebrity-style special events, presentation is everything so don’t skimp on the details. Especially with your invitations since that will be the first introduction your guest receives to your event and thus sets the tone for everything that follows.

As we say here at Cinnamon Kiss Paper, “it all begins with the invitation” so wow your guests by enhancing your invitations with some glitteratti.

Besides, if ever there’s an excuse to go all out…your wedding definitely counts as one of them. Just remember to have fun and enjoy the moment! The last thing you want is a an attack of the Bridezilla.

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custom baby christening invitationThis was a fun project I completed recently to celebrate the christening of Baby Alessandro. This was an extremely quick turnaround. I usually like to plan 3-6 weeks out for a custom invitation. Especially since clients are usually particular about color schemes and elements of the design. It’s important to allow time for design, color matching and ordering of papers and production.

However, this was a small run so I was able to source materials locally. This particular invitation had a turnaround time of 5 days.

invite boy christeningWhen designing the invitation, the client really liked the belly band used on a wedding invite I’d designed and wanted to incorporate that into her design. I was able to find a lovely fiore blue ice deocrative paper from the Paper Source. This blue unryu paper is very sheer and printed with a light blue flocked dot and then punched out. The flocking almost feels like rubber on the sheer paper. It has a very light and airy feel to it which ties in well with the soft, whispy feelings associated with all things baby.

Judging from the client’s reaction when I delivered the invites, I’d say it was a success. Even though I love creating and working with papers, I also love the look on a client’s face when I’m able to capture the essence of their imagination through an invitation made just for them.

custom invitation envelope

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Have you ever received an invitation that arrived on the most sumptuous textured paper with letters that seemed to leap off the page begging for your return reply? Well, if so, then you have no doubt been enchanted by a delightfully delicious letterpress invitation.

Letterpress is a classic art of printing in which a pattern is (usually) inked and pressed into the surface of the paper. Letterpress is experiencing a revival in our highly digitized world and I, for one, am excited about the comeback.

If you’re shopping around for invites and want a classic, handcrafted feel then letterpress is definitely a wonderful choice. When visiting the invitationer, you’re likely to hear a few terms tossed about. Don’t be intimidated, we’ll break them down here…

Debossing is when the design is pressed into the paper. Typically ink is not added to the impression so it’s great for a graphic element to accent your information.

The easiest way to think of it is if you were riding along in the car and drove over a pothole. The wheel of the car is forced downward in order to fill the empty space created by the pothole. If the street were an invitation, the pothole would be the debossed accent. In the invitation on the left, you’ll notice that the letters and date dip down into the paper, that’s a sure-fire giveaway that the paper is debossed.

Now, let’s move along and onto another road. We turn down a residential street and notice that they’ve included speed bumps so that we don’t speed down the block. (Children must live on this street.) If this street were an invitation, then it would be embossed because the wheel is pushed up in order to accommodate the disturbance in the road.

The traditional letterpress invitations usually will not have ink added to the impression but the more modern styles will be accented with an ink color. Either way is fine, there’s no rule of thumb here. It all depends on what flavor you want to add to your special event. Brighter colors create a fun, relaxed tone while darker colors or creams suggest a more formal event. Hope this helps!

Have you got a burning craft question? Feel free to leave a comment and we’ll include it in the next “What Is That?” series of posts.

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