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Snowflake Invitation Well ladies and germs, the festive season is here! Finally, we can just let go and release the childlike joy bubbling beneath the surface without fear of any disapproving eyes. After all, it’s the holidays and what better excuse than a gaudy Christmas sweater or re-gifted fruitcake to bring a smile to your loved ones faces.

When sending out your holiday greetings this season, here are a few quick down & dirty, invitation etiquette tips to keep us all on track:

  • Completely spell out all dates, times and places. For example: “Friday, December twenty – fifth, two thousand and nine at six o’ clock in the evening.
  • Don’t abbreviate anything – like street names or addresses. Spell them out completely also.

And I know that planning a wedding can be tight on the budget, BUT it’s very important to include the following courtesies in your invitation etiquette. It will go a long way in fostering good feelings about your upcoming nuptials. After all, you want your guests to look forward to your event with eager anticipation, not dreaded obligation:

  • Allow your guests to bring a date to the wedding. No one wants to feel forced to sit through your nuptials alone, leave the decision to them. To ensure everyone is on the same page, you can address the invitation as “Ms. Renee Foster and Guest.”
  • Even if it seems efficient or a good use of space, please don’t mention guest registries on the invitation, it’s considered poor form. Information about your gift preferences should be gained through word of mouth (i.e. your bridesmaids or family) or you can also note it on your wedding blog.

As my momma always said, ‘if you’re going to do it, do it right.’ Perhaps she carried more wisdom in her words that I gave her credit for

adorable snowflake invitation

Adorable Snowflake Invitation by Michelle Mospens of MyPersonalArtist.com

(Shh…don’t tell her:)

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