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If you want an insider’s look into hosting a platinum wedding like Kim Kardashian and the Hollywood elite, it all starts with the invitation. Now, you’ve probably been keeping up with Kim and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney, I mean how could you not? They are always in the tabloids, and you know how they like to spice things up.

Kim is a diva after my very  own heart because she always finds stylish ways to turn the ordinary into extraordinary tossing in the bling for good measure.

And if you want some celebrity style flavor in your wedding invitations, here are 5 Hollywood tips to get that star-studded style..,

Tip #1) Use Luxurious Papers & Fabrics

Materials such as flocked or hand-dyed papers and Dupioni silk give your invitations a level of dimension that flat papers just can’t touch. If you find some way to incorporate them, perhaps with a belly band or as an invitation booklet, your invites are sure to have that red-carpet opulence.

Tip #2) Add Layers & Textures

Metallic shimmer papers or letterpress add an extra layer of depth to your invitations that help it stand out and get noticed.

Tip #3) Add Some Sparkle

Incorporating stylish embellishments like Swarovski crystals, glitter embossing, decorative ribbons or even peacock feathers will add to your invitation’s unique personality.

Tip#4) Pay Attention To The Details

With any high end event, the devil is definitely in the details. Things like straight edges and even bordering speak volumes in giving your invitations signature style, so don’t get tired halfway through and neglect this small but important detail.

And lastly Tip #5) Present It In A Pretty Package

My absolute favorite package is the silk invitation box. It just screams luxury and sets the tone for a platinum event. Also, it’s a great way to turn your wedding invitation into a wedding keepsake – no one is going to through this away.

But even if you don’t use a silk invitation box, there a lots of creative ways to present your invite like a silk pouch, a unique container themed to your event, or even encased in acrylic. The possibilities are endless.

When it comes to celebrity-style special events, presentation is everything so don’t skimp on the details. Especially with your invitations since that will be the first introduction your guest receives to your event and thus sets the tone for everything that follows.

As we say here at Cinnamon Kiss Paper, “it all begins with the invitation” so wow your guests by enhancing your invitations with some glitteratti.

Besides, if ever there’s an excuse to go all out…your wedding definitely counts as one of them. Just remember to have fun and enjoy the moment! The last thing you want is a an attack of the Bridezilla.

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I was invited to and attended the induction luncheon of a friend of mine who recently became a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. I wasn’t sure the protocol, but given her enthusiasm and excitement throughout the pledging process, I wanted to congratulate her with a small gift. But when I went to the local Greek shop looking for something nice, I was very disappointed because everything seemed so run-of-the-mill and typical. I mean, how many brightly colored tote bags and umbrellas does one need?

Anywho, while I did purchase some of the standard fare (a cute tea mug and keychain), I decided to make her something as well. I figured ‘why not’ since she has everything anyway. What unique gift could I give that all of her new sorors wouldn’t have as well? Here’s what I came up with…

custom stationary for alpha girl

A gift for the lady who has everything.

First, I decided to make custom stationary in the colors of her sorority. I put an ivy leaf on the top and bottom and added crystal embellishments for a bit of bling (my signature touch). I used pink cardstock paper and the print is in green. This will be great when she wants to send a personal note or thank you to one of her sorors.

I also made a sparkly pen figuring that women always love sparkly things (I know I do!). I couldn’t find an ivy leaf specifically but thought the green was a nice touch. Since we’re smack dab in the middle of Christmas season, everything’s green at the craft store, just not ivy:(

And in keeping with the holiday season, I made her a set of AKA Christmas ornaments. You can see from the pics that I had the letters cut in vinyl (at the local greek store: Unique Greek located in Chicago Heights, IL). I actually have the store owner to thank for this idea. I saw a set of Delta ornaments and thought, ‘how clever’ and decided to step it up a notch with my design. So I added the year in rhinestones on the clear glass balls I purchased from Jo-Ann crafts. As you can see from the pictures, once I added the metallic shred to the inside of the ball, the numbers didn’t show up as well so if I ever do this again perhaps I’ll use a white iridescent shred instead. What do you think?

alpha kappa alpha ornament gifts

Before Shimmer Shred

aka gifts holiday ornaments

After Shimmer Shred

Quick Update: I was later asked to make Delta Sigma Theta holiday ornaments for another custom gift, so I made a few tweaks and here’s a pic on how they turned out…

delta sigma theta sorority holiday gift ideas

Using the white shimmer shred turned out much better:)

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Okay, you’ve thought of everything, the invitations, the reception decor, even the little red truck your 2-year old ring bearer is going to ride down the aisle has been decorated. There’s only one small, but very important detail left to attend to…the thank you favors.

Oftentimes, thank you favors get lost in the hustle and bustle of event planning but they are just as important as all of the other details. The thank you favor is a genuine show of appreciation to your guests and lets them know that their attendance is an important part of your grand celebration. Simply put, it lets them know that you care about them.

Favors can run the full spectrum in terms of extravagance and pricing, but for the budget conscious bride or event planner, there’s no need to sacrifice quality for cost. All it takes is an extra bit of creative thinking to fashion a super stylish favor that won’t break the bank. Here are a few ideas to get you started…

  1. For a cute candy favor, buy candy in bulk and use colored organza bags as the container. Create a custom favor tag that looks like your invitation using your home computer. However, I would recommend that you print the labels at your local copy shop on their color copier/laser printer. Ink jet printers  scream “homemade” because of the obvious difference in ink quality. Plus, if the tags (printed on an ink jet) get wet, there goes your presentation.
  2. Use clear favor boxes with a decorative ribbon or crystal accent and add a sticker tag with sticker sheets found at Staples or OfficeMax. Or, you can create a fold over tag and pair it with clear cello bags from the craft store. This is a great way to use local favorites like Garrett’s cheese & caramel popcorn for a Chicago-themed wedding or Rocky Mountain candy apples as your parting gift. Guests love the personality of local food favorites. Martha Stewart has some useful templates for tags & favors, free to download here.
  3. Go for something three-dimensional and customize it with a personalized pendant. I used this idea for a wedding favor that was three days before Christmas. The secret here is to purchase the base of your gift, whatever that may be, in bulk, that’s the way to make your favor dollars stretch the farthest. Once you customize it with your own pendant, no one will ever guess that it wasn’t made just for them because it looks so much more expensive than it really is…shhh! You can check out the Custom Favor Ornament here.
  4. Even though the CD favor has gotten some mileage, it can still be a great favor if executed well. When it comes to the CD favor, packaging is everything. Skip over the clear plastic CD cases and opt for something much more personal. Use a cardstock in your event theme’s colors to create the case, then personalize it with a special story about the couple or event and how these songs made the cut. Do they hold any significance? If so, tell that story to your guests. Oh, and don’t forget to list the songs and track numbers for easy reference later.

The secret to making any party favor spectacular is the presentation. As long and you go the extra mile to make it special and unique to your event, it will be a great gift. Really, the only time you’ll lose favor points is if your gift looks mass-produced, so don’t get lazy during the last leg of the race, finish it out in style:)

Have you got a great idea for a unique favor? Add your idea here…

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