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If you want an insider’s look into hosting a platinum wedding like Kim Kardashian and the Hollywood elite, it all starts with the invitation. Now, you’ve probably been keeping up with Kim and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney, I mean how could you not? They are always in the tabloids, and you know how they like to spice things up.

Kim is a diva after my very  own heart because she always finds stylish ways to turn the ordinary into extraordinary tossing in the bling for good measure.

And if you want some celebrity style flavor in your wedding invitations, here are 5 Hollywood tips to get that star-studded style..,

Tip #1) Use Luxurious Papers & Fabrics

Materials such as flocked or hand-dyed papers and Dupioni silk give your invitations a level of dimension that flat papers just can’t touch. If you find some way to incorporate them, perhaps with a belly band or as an invitation booklet, your invites are sure to have that red-carpet opulence.

Tip #2) Add Layers & Textures

Metallic shimmer papers or letterpress add an extra layer of depth to your invitations that help it stand out and get noticed.

Tip #3) Add Some Sparkle

Incorporating stylish embellishments like Swarovski crystals, glitter embossing, decorative ribbons or even peacock feathers will add to your invitation’s unique personality.

Tip#4) Pay Attention To The Details

With any high end event, the devil is definitely in the details. Things like straight edges and even bordering speak volumes in giving your invitations signature style, so don’t get tired halfway through and neglect this small but important detail.

And lastly Tip #5) Present It In A Pretty Package

My absolute favorite package is the silk invitation box. It just screams luxury and sets the tone for a platinum event. Also, it’s a great way to turn your wedding invitation into a wedding keepsake – no one is going to through this away.

But even if you don’t use a silk invitation box, there a lots of creative ways to present your invite like a silk pouch, a unique container themed to your event, or even encased in acrylic. The possibilities are endless.

When it comes to celebrity-style special events, presentation is everything so don’t skimp on the details. Especially with your invitations since that will be the first introduction your guest receives to your event and thus sets the tone for everything that follows.

As we say here at Cinnamon Kiss Paper, “it all begins with the invitation” so wow your guests by enhancing your invitations with some glitteratti.

Besides, if ever there’s an excuse to go all out…your wedding definitely counts as one of them. Just remember to have fun and enjoy the moment! The last thing you want is a an attack of the Bridezilla.

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in-and-out burger weddingMove over dessert bar (that’s soo 2008)…enter the Wedding Food Truck!

It seems that everything else had gone mobile, so why shouldn’t food follow suit. Food trucks have long been a mainstay in Hollywood and New York City during day-long production shoots and pedestrian-style
downtown dining . And in fact, these mini-restaurants on wheels have gotten a bad rap over the years, most often being dubbed the “roach coach” for their seemingly unsanitary conditions. But it appears that the mobile food truck industry is cleaning up their act and revamping their persona, so much so, they’re blazing new trails into custom event catering.

Everything fron In-n-Out burgers to cupcake sweets, the wedding food truck is popping up at weddings all over the nation. I must admit, it’s a fun way to incorporate some of the unexpected into a “been-there, done-that” ho-hum wedding. What better way to throw your guests for a loop and put a smile on their otherwise yawning faces as they wait for you to finish up your photos during the unbearably long cocktail hour? You can pick any theme you want to coordinate with the flavor of your special event. But I have yet to see how this concept can be incorporated into the upscale wedding. I’m not saying that it can’t be pulled off well, but I haven’t seen evidence as yet. I’m open to ideas though…what do you think?

If you had to choose:

  • ice cream food truck at weddingwedding catering truck
  • photo booth
  • dessert bar
  • cigar bar
  • signature cocktail bar
  • smoothie bar /coffees bar (I guess that falls under food, huh?)

Which would be the most fun for your guests? Leave your comments and suggestions here…

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