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Choosing a color combo for your wedding or special event is a significant step in the planning process. Great care should be taken when making your selection simply because choosing your colors plays a big part in the natural progression of all of the elements that follow like your event theme, coordinating elements and decor, even affecting the venue and menu.

Luckily, there aren’t any hard and fast rules for choosing your color scheme. You can base it off of your favorite colors, complimentary colors on the color wheel or picking up on the colors found in your venue. Whatever you choose, just make sure that they are harmonious so that you don’t overwhelm the senses. Pick something that is meaningful to you and go from there:)

Click below for a sorta-brief video on color combos:

choosing a hot color combo for your wedding

Carry the color scheme throughout various elements of your special event

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I’ve long been a huge fan of silk box invitations. They always exude luxury and distinction without screaming. And if you want your guests to drool with anticipation over your upcoming soiree there’s no classier way to announce the event. Needless to say, dupioni silk boxed invitations aren’t for the budget-concious either. So although I love using this sophisticated invitation accessory, it’s not everyday that I get to incorporate it into my client’s projects.

President Obama's Inaugural Ball Invitation

President Obama's Inaugural Ball Invitation

So late last year I was in my studio looking for creative inspiration. It was still just a few weeks to go before the presidential elections and the tension was at its peak. I decided to  create my version of what (then future) President Obama’s inaugural ball invitation would look like. I reasoned that since it would be a historic event, we (I was now also a part of the official Presidential Ball Committee or whomever plans these things — have to get into character:) were going to make this a keepsake invitation, not something one would throw out soon after the event date had passed.

I began to research exactly what goes on the the invitation, the wording, how the names are adressed, which preseidential seal is used and so forth. I even went so far as to locate an official presedential lapel pin on ebay. It was fun ‘investigating’ via the internet and there’s so much information you can find with a little google searching. The internet is like a modern day Sherlock Holmes — you can find pretty much anything for sure.

Anyway, here’s the result, let me know what you think…


President Obama's Inaugural Ball Invitation Inspiration (Interior)

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Welcome to the new home of Cinnamon Kiss Paper Studio’s blog. Stay tuned for inspiration, insider techniques, and DIY tips on creating stunning invitations for your special event! Also visit our online forum to share your stories, ideas and anything related to special events…

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